Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the First ever Short Attention What? Album Review

I kinda think i love this lady...

first track the overture thingy- chill...brings you in to her dreamy alien world

second track- great

all the next tracks- awesomeness.

all over the map musically really.. a bit of MJ, a bit of Steview Wonder-ish sounds, some straight up hip hop, some classical some psychedelic rock, and a whole lot of intergalactic soul booty freshness .. featuring a song with big boi from outkast, and a song with of Montreal amongst others.. all songs great, except say you'll go...for whatever reason there is a reoccurring sound that sounds to me like a bitchy teacher's nails shrieking down a rusty chalkboard inches from my ear drum... But the song WondaLand has totalled a whopping 12 playings on my itunes in the last 3 days! dang!

hear the whole album here,

then buy it somewhere!

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