Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dennis Hopper, Arnold Jackson Dead, Thanks a lot Obama

The Prez gets shiz for a a lot of things that he has no control over. However, we here at Short attention What? find it somewhat curious that Gary Coleman AKA Arnold Jackson pictured here... died around the same time Obamas Oil Spill in the Gulf occurred. Could it have been coincidence? sure it could have been, but what are those chances? and Dennis Hopper....well I think we all know this one's death was obviously a direct correlation to Obamas Oil. Celebrity Deaths always come in threes. Always, without question. Which leads us to the obvious question. Who you gonna kill next Obama? Fred Flintstone? good gawd!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Your free throw coach: Bill Cartwright

The sports department of Short Attention What? did a double take when watching the Lakers/Los Suns game last night- at the site of Suns assistant coach Bill Cartwright. We have no idea whether or not he has anything to do with coaching the team up on their free throws, but lets hope not...

here he was, in his day:

but the true gem was a video the sports department's junior adminstrative researcher noticed on that very youtube page:

And for that find, Ashley Royer Lindel (Jr. Adm. Researcher-sport department-S.A.W.) we will always be grateful, for you have introduced us to the greatness that is free throws done by Chuck might not want to miss this -

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Banksy: Goin Goin Gone! 2 or Liberty means being able to deface pretty cool friggin art

Everyone's favorite Stencil sneaking Englishman continues his tour of the States landing in the city without alarm clocks and got busy ... But so did his defacers. Below Banksy brought it, but within 12 hours of its discovery, so too did his defacers.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

This Blog is a Game

amongst other things, this blog is a game... and you are the players.. The rules could and will or not change whenever the good folks here at short attention what? decide to... However, one thing is for sure...There will be at least one winner every month. Be active, creative, funny, stupid or boring and you could win. If you like this short attention what?, we think you will like the prizes. Rules will be posted at the header from time to time. As of now the rules are as follows:

1 point = if you are one of the first five emails sent to with the title of the Blog Post in Title (ex: for this post it would be Subject: This Blog is a Game)

2 points= for our favorite email sent in to per post per day

More rules , announcements, predictions, warnings, scoldings and massages to come. . .

Today is a Jewish Holiday

the name of which is Shavuot- something about the Jewish People receiving the torah ...and as with most jewish holidays, there are all sorts of lil rules and traditions that even a lot of jewish people are somewhat clueless this holiday's case the tradition is to consume dairy foods and drinks.... so in honor of this holiday we here at short attention what? would like to post some of our favorite chosen people wearing milk mustaches.... Got Shavuot? Mr. King, the magician and the vampire slayer do

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the First ever Short Attention What? Album Review

I kinda think i love this lady...

first track the overture thingy- chill...brings you in to her dreamy alien world

second track- great

all the next tracks- awesomeness.

all over the map musically really.. a bit of MJ, a bit of Steview Wonder-ish sounds, some straight up hip hop, some classical some psychedelic rock, and a whole lot of intergalactic soul booty freshness .. featuring a song with big boi from outkast, and a song with of Montreal amongst others.. all songs great, except say you'll go...for whatever reason there is a reoccurring sound that sounds to me like a bitchy teacher's nails shrieking down a rusty chalkboard inches from my ear drum... But the song WondaLand has totalled a whopping 12 playings on my itunes in the last 3 days! dang!

hear the whole album here,

then buy it somewhere!

I knew there was another reason why I could not root for the Orlando Magic last night

it wasn't necessarily that i think dwight howard reminds me of the shrunken head dude from Beetlejuice... I couldn't go 10 minutes watching that game without seeing some of this...

there are some non obnoxious gator fans out there.. I swear, I know 4! errr, actually 3. but I think I know the only 3 in the world.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Banksy: Goin Goin Gone! or Diamonds WERE a girls best friend

the elusive street artist known as Banksy has certainly been putting his stamp on the States.. dozens in the past several weeks. We here at Short Attention What? will do our best at providing the evolution of Mr. B's work as best we can.

It appears that Diamond Girl First Made her American Debut "taped live in Hollywood" at the premier for Exit through the gift shop.... as part of the promotional Truck parked in front of the theatre.... shown below

The Exit Truck took a good ole fashioned American Roadtrip from SoCal,USA
shown below..

to Motown, Meet Chicken! Specifically here...

Once in Detroit... she found some stencil-native Soil- Brick...




the question is ...will there be a follow up? Perhaps at some gallery in 50 years from now? if so, we will bump this post up..i'm sure all of us at short attention what? will be blogging from retirement homes well into our 90's. Whats that you say? You don't beleive blogs will be relevant or even exist in the 2060's? to that good sir, I say HOW DARE THEE!

Dwight Howard has a big body

But small head..or atleast in comparison to his chizzled upper body...
always makes me think of the gentleman on the right...beetlejuice's left

what the?

not the most appropriate local news ettitquette, but who really watches those shows anyway.

Haitin him... Shepard Fairey served up some Hater-Ade to some thirsty folks

apparently shep pissed off some locals in echo park ... How dare someone graffiti up his art

check out the story at the eastsider LA