Thursday, May 20, 2010

This Blog is a Game

amongst other things, this blog is a game... and you are the players.. The rules could and will or not change whenever the good folks here at short attention what? decide to... However, one thing is for sure...There will be at least one winner every month. Be active, creative, funny, stupid or boring and you could win. If you like this short attention what?, we think you will like the prizes. Rules will be posted at the header from time to time. As of now the rules are as follows:

1 point = if you are one of the first five emails sent to with the title of the Blog Post in Title (ex: for this post it would be Subject: This Blog is a Game)

2 points= for our favorite email sent in to per post per day

More rules , announcements, predictions, warnings, scoldings and massages to come. . .

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