Sunday, May 16, 2010

Banksy: Goin Goin Gone! or Diamonds WERE a girls best friend

the elusive street artist known as Banksy has certainly been putting his stamp on the States.. dozens in the past several weeks. We here at Short Attention What? will do our best at providing the evolution of Mr. B's work as best we can.

It appears that Diamond Girl First Made her American Debut "taped live in Hollywood" at the premier for Exit through the gift shop.... as part of the promotional Truck parked in front of the theatre.... shown below

The Exit Truck took a good ole fashioned American Roadtrip from SoCal,USA
shown below..

to Motown, Meet Chicken! Specifically here...

Once in Detroit... she found some stencil-native Soil- Brick...




the question is ...will there be a follow up? Perhaps at some gallery in 50 years from now? if so, we will bump this post up..i'm sure all of us at short attention what? will be blogging from retirement homes well into our 90's. Whats that you say? You don't beleive blogs will be relevant or even exist in the 2060's? to that good sir, I say HOW DARE THEE!

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  1. i took down the pic and just posted it on ebay... u want to bid?