Sunday, August 1, 2010

Banksy's thoughts on Phish?

Banksy/Phish Shirt

So, um, yeah. I am sure this is exactly what Banksy had in mind when he developed his signature Rat image.

This is to be said in your best Muffled Stealthy British Voice ( the way he sounds in this trailer)

So, keep that voice on while reading the following:

Yeah, so I developed the Banksy Rat, because you know, Rats are everywhere, but no one wants to think about em. Sort of like how a typical Phish Head ignores-the tour rat (the non showering-follow around that Vermont-wish they were the Grateful Dead-Jam band-loitering outside the show venues begging for free tickets, all the while making fun of the people they are asking the free tickets from. Yeah, and then one day, one of those "tour rats" could come up with the idea to capitalize on my art as well as the so called art that are "Phish Lyrics". The smelly little Americans will sell a shirt slightly changing an image I created. Then this tour rat will go to venues like Deer Creek, Alpine Valley, the Greek and/or Telluride, CO. pretending to be free love hippies, when in reality they are Free Market Loving Capitalists (Tea-Party like, if you will- even though the Tea Party hadn't been invented yet at the time of this Mock Banksy Thought). Oh, it will be so nice to have my well thought out Politically charged-Rat Image, changed to the awe-inspiring Phish Lyric "Bag it, Tag it" . No shit, I can't wait!

Here is Banksy's image:

Here is the Phish lot shirt:


  1. I heard Reba playing at a Michele Bachmann rally.

  2. Ryan you might not have known but reba is one of michele's best friends. they roomed together at middle tennessee state university. michelle bachman was actually a bridesmaid at reba mcyntire and Steve Barron's wedding.