Sunday, August 1, 2010

Winners announced for July

1st prize- Jonah L from Portland, Oregon... The winning email, " Dear Short Attention What? Are guys real? Heard a rumor you were simply some writers from Cartoon Networks' Adult Swim just fucking around. Any truth to that rumor?"

Good Email Jonah. For that you win this Squidbillies Booty Hunter Hat

And also this copy of the Squidbillies Volume 2

As well as this Tim and Eric Awesome Show, great job Art Print:

And Jonah, these gifts may or may not come signed from some certain people....

Our second place winner this month is Arnie B. from New York City, with an email that said, "How dare you call out two young athletes for something you have no idea about, you lil motha fu- , you basement hiding, geeky tool!!! Go Gators!"

Arnie, you win 3 Chicken dinners to Kenny Loggins Roaster (Includes two sides and a drink).

And this signed autograph picture of the greatest quarterback to ever play in the state of Florida.

And our 3rd prize winner was Dale from Gainesville, Florida. Dales winning email simply read, "This is in response to the Future NFL Rookie of the years post- It's called Gatorade!"

Not original, seeing as Chan had already posted this witty response in the comments section of the post, but it still made us smirk. So, Dale you win a ten dollar bill and 5 unlabeled CDs (not all too scratched up) that we found in our various cars and have not even listened to them to confirm what they are.

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  1. I cant believe that you think that danny kannell was the best quarterback in Florida history. That is almost as ridiculous as the fact that you think he was black.
    what kind of blog are you running. It should be called