Friday, August 13, 2010

Podcast Review with Katmandu 2

Every Friday, Podcast Review with Katmandu points out for you the best, most complete, fulfilling, altogether awesome, the shizzy, and other good adjective(d) podcasts of the week. Our weeks are from Friday through Thursday.

The only rules for making our lists are:

-They must be released during that Friday through Thursday period.
-They must be free.
-They must rule Katmandu's (that's me) face.
-They must be audio podcasts

This week's review covers the week of Friday, August 6th through Thursday, August 12th.


Coming in at Number 3....

The Chicago music critic team of Jim DeRogatis and Greg Cote find themselves in familiar territory in this episode-Legendary Chicago Studio- Chess Records. This episode will enlighten most, entertain even more and piss off only a select few. We find ourselves following the story of how Chess Records came to be, the impact it had on establishing the blues in recording history and its influence on rock-n-roll (specifically English folks like the Stones). Highlights include but are not limited to a story of a bluesman not quite ready for tour in Europe (a stabbing and a rabbit cooking on a coffee machine are the proof) and the prolificness of Willie Dixon.

Coming in at Number 2...

There are two short interviews included in this podcast. Both interviewers are children. If you are not left emotionally touched then their is a decent chance you are simply not a human being. So, if sometimes you truly think you might be machine, this is a perfect test to find out for sure.

And Number 1.....

This elaborately produced show delivers strong product seemingly every time out. This episode is no different. Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich explore the idea of words and how they effect our minds and our reality. We witness how a man without language sees the world completely different once he realizes things can have names. There is a bit of the history of knock knock jokes told by Shakespeare, as well as the birth of sign language all packed into one episode. To top things off, Radiolab offers this bonus video to go with the show:

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