Friday, August 6, 2010

Podcast Review with Katmandu

Every Friday, Podcast Review with Katmandu points out for you the best, most complete, fulfilling, altogether awesome, the shizzy, and other good adjective(d) podcasts of the week. Our weeks are from Friday through Thursday.

The only rules for making our lists are:

-They must be released during that Friday through Thursday period.
-They must be free.
-They must rule Katmandu's (that's me) face.

This week's review covers the week of Friday, July 30th through Thursday, August 5th.


Coming in at Number 3....

* NPR SHUFFLE release date August 2nd.

This podcast had a lot of great stuff. Starts off with an interesting story on IP addresses and how they are the computer world's "endangered species". Not to worry, a plan is in motion.
Then there is an interview with an author who wrote a book that involves literary farces. This segment featured the author responding to the question, "Does the story end on the last page?" with a sharp response, "No story ends on the last page." Also, a segment which poses the question, "Do you know who the sugar king of pre-comunist Cuba was?" Find out in this episode. There are also stories about electric cars, oil dispersants and more. All in all, this Shuffle contains several super solid segments. This week, this individual episode trumped all that NPR's most emailed or NPR's most downloaded could offer.

Coming in at Number 2...

*The BS Report release date 8/2 Parts One and Two.

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Bill Simmons had on Sex Drugs and Coco Puffs Author and all together Pop Culture Guru Chuck Klosterman. The two spent both parts mainly discussing Lebron James. Simmons has been on record revealing his recent disappointment in James. Klosterman spends most of the time giving Simmons plausible theories on why Lebron really isn't all that bad. By the end, he convinced me too. A line by Chuck K I really liked was as follows: "If you think sports is life and death, then you might as well believe in Unicorns." Also and not leastly, Klosterman reveals to the listeners a "new way" to watch shows like Entourage and How to make it in America. Simmons is good at creating a comfortable atmosphere in which creative people feel free to be themselves in front of millions of thousands of people (or at least of several thousands of ones of people).

And Number 1.....

*The Phil Hendrie Show Mini-Podcast Bud Dickman's Nightly News release date August 4th...

Hendrie only releases tiny clips from his show in free podcast form. And while this clip was only 5 minutes long,. It ws just too damn good not to include in this weeks tops. It is just Bud Dickman and Phil (and for a minute David G Hall). It's Bud Dickman's News. If you don't know Bud, you might want to listen....errr, you will listen...errrr.. YOU MUST LISTEN. Heres how Bud words the news on Maxine Waters: Maxine Water broke a house rule on ethic and she's a Democrat at California. Thanks Bud, for evrything you do.

also of note:

This is the first Podcast Review with Katmandu. And yet, no This American Life? That would be like the baseball Hall of Fame's first induction not including Babe Ruth. Except, not really. This is not a lifetime achievement award. The tops of the week are for this very week only. However, we must mention that while this weeks This American Life did not make the Tops, it still had some great moments. Katmandu's favorite moment: A conversation between This American Life contributor to a very elderly woman by way of an interpreter.

This American Life? contributor: (read in a soft thoughtful questioning manner)
Did FDR ever come here to buy moonshine?
Elderly Woman:

Elderly woman's daughter (interpreter) at the top of her lungs:
That whole conversation killed. Also of note, This Week on Lot Episode 38:Toga, Toga, Toga release date: August 3rd. This week on lot, all neo-hippy, Jam-Band loving, Heady and Brah often saying, and what-not-podcast is not for everyone. Shoot, it's not even for the good people at Podcast Review with Katmandu some of the time. But sometimes it intrigues the shit out of me. One highlight was when a newly dreaded woman spoke on the transition into dreaded world (not dreaded world- but dreaded world, well you know the difference we speak of). Another highlight was when the hosts discuss the best ways to sneak "stuff" into a concert.

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