Saturday, August 7, 2010

the Urban Files 1

As many of you know, we have heavy FSU representation here at the ole Short Attention What? Sports Department. Therefore, in an effort to keep things fair, we have allowed our token Gator Alum to spout his gator news (nonsense) in a weekly report called the Urban Files:

-First year in the post-Tebow world of Gainesville should not have us fans worried. On the contrary actually. New starting Quarterback John Brantley throws a better ball than his predecessor and has the weapons to get it to. Expect to see Brantley under center a lot more than Tebow. Also expect to see some two back sets. The speed Brantley has around him is unmatched in the college football world. The one thing I'm slightly concerned about is his leadership. Obviously in Tebow we had the greatest leader the college football world has witnessed in the last several decades. So that is the big question mark with Brantley: Can he show at least a percentage of that leadership Tebow held. All reports from sources in Gainesvile say an astounding YES!

-On the defensive side of the ball, we lost some leaders as well in CB Haden and LB Spikes. Both high character guys that led our defense by example. How will this team rebound? Easy- their names are Jelani Jenkins and Jon Bostic. Both of these young L-Backers are smart, hit hard and are ready. One name to keep an eye out for though- is incoming freshman Michael Taylor (non stop motor).

-We brought in the best D-line class we have ever seen in Gainseville. The people in the know that I have spoken with say, Ronald Powell and Sharif Floyd will certainly see playing time. He also told me that (now veteran) Omar Hunter should be the dominant D Tackle we were all expecting.

-congrats to Emmit Smith on being inducted to the NFL Hall of Fame! Many more Gators are sure to join him soon.

-One other nugget. Andre Debose is practicing! Andre Debose is practicing! Thats right! For the first time since his arrival, Percy-clone Andre Debose is practicing and will without a doubt be the most exciting newcomer to the college football world this year. Don't beleive me? watch exhibit A below:

Every week, this token gator trapped in an Online-Nole-World gets to express his views, news and nuggets from Titletown. Come back every week! Go Gators!

Editor's (FSU's) note:

Just want to make sure everyone knows that when you speak of Brandon Spikes as a high charcater guy....who led your defense by example, that this is the same Brandon Spikes you were referring to:

Also, we beg to differ that Debose will without a doubt be the most exciting newcomer to the college football world this year. We present exhibit B:

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