Saturday, August 21, 2010

Urban Files 3: In the Year One A.T.

As many of you know, we have heavy FSU representation here at the ole Short Attention What? Sports Department. Therefore, in an effort to keep things fair, we have allowed our token Gator Alum to spout his gator news (nonsense) in a weekly report called the Urban Files

First things first, FSU's New Head Coach Jimbo Fischer will not refer to Our Gators as Gators, or even as the University of Florida. No. The new Nole head man now calls us, "that little team down the road". I can do nothing but laugh at that. He just called the team who imo is the most dominant CFB Program of the last two decades, "that little team down the road." He hasn't even coached against us yet. Unbelievable. On to news and notes.

-In the Year 1 A.T. (After Tebow), our QB play will not miss a beat. The chemistry between John Brantley (seen here with his newly Kerwin Bell Inspired stache) and Deonte Thompson is like nothing we have seen before in Gainesville. Maybe its because they have risen up through the ranks together. Maybe it is because they have a unique relationship off the field. Or maybe its just because they are damn good and practice hard. Whatever the reasons, the QB to WR connection is bringing up comparisons to Manning/ Harrison!

-Demps will start at RB, Moody will back him up. Mack Brown looks good- will probably not shirt.

-DL coud be our strongest position. What i mean by that is depth and skill. We are just absolutely loaded with NFL type lineman. Everyday it's somebody else that stars.

-On the recruiting front, we picked up CB Nick Waisome. Probably the best corner in the state this year. And could have the best cover skills of any corner in the entire nation. We whiffed on RB James Wilder, Jr. But it was not quite as it seems. We wanted him as a defensive player and he wanted to play RB. IMO, we have bigger fish to fry. Not the loss some people might think.

FSU's (Editor B Smith's) Note: From now on, you will always be known as "that little team down the road" to us. Too fuckin good! Read it HERE.

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