Saturday, August 14, 2010

the Urban Files 2

As many of you know, we have heavy FSU representation here at the ole Short Attention What? Sports Department. Therefore, in an effort to keep things fair, we have allowed our token Gator Alum to spout his gator news (nonsense) in a weekly report called the Urban Files:

-Kind of quiet on gathering information as Coach Meyer has closed practices like our young D-Lineman will close any holes. However, we still have sources willing to give us some nuggets. But before we get into all that, we would like to speak on the Emmitt Smith Hall of Fame speech. There is a lot of outcry from gator nation regarding the apparent snubbing of a Florida Gator mention in his speech. Emmitt went out of his way to mention his error on the broadcast of the Hall of Fame game the following night. The guy simply forgot. He was not using notes and he did not do that on purpose. So, Emmitt is good by us.

-Brantley continues to impress developing a strong relationship with our speedy receivers. One set back though is freshman Chris Dunkley pulled a hammy and our wise coaches are not rushing him back. -Look for Freshman Defensive End Lynden Trail to make an immediate impact. Trail brings a toughness and character that can only be had by growing up in the mean streets of Miami. According to sources Trail is like 7 foot 9 and will block a field goal every other game. I kid of course, but dude is tall as hell and athletic as can be. He is only part of that freshman d line class that is unmatched in the history of the game.

-Demps is even faster than last year. The thing about Demps though, is his toughness. One player we spoke to said Demps caught a pass and trucked Jon Bostic and kept on running.
-Patchan got hurt again.
-Meyer is a class act in going to honor Emmitt at the Hall.
-Oh, yeah, and the canes think they are back. Ha ha ha.

Editor's (FSU's) Note:

Just a couple things. Emmitt reportedly hired a speech coach and practiced his speech to the point of memorization. The snub had to be on purpose. Only other thing is about Lynden Trail. Perhaps, Trail is good people. But do not forget that it was this photo of Trail holding up gang signs that shocked the recruiting world a few months ago:

The same type of images surfaced while Nu'keese Richardson was being recruited and we all remember how that turned out:

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