Friday, June 4, 2010

The results are in...First Month Winners... are announced below

Coming in 3rd place this month with a whopping 11 points- Denver, Colorodo's Bonnie V. Her email regarding the Post: Banksy: Goin goin gone! OR Diamonds WERE a girls best friend was outstanding, she wrote:

"Hey Shortattentionwhat- I thought your blog post was very informative, a bit too long but altogether quite average, thank you for that."

And for being so on top of things, Bonnie wins a gift prize to AMC theatres which include 2 tickets and 30 dollars of concession stand goods.

Coming in 2nd place with a strong 17 points - Ashville, NC's Jermaine W. Jermaine wowed the SAW reviewers with this email about the post: Dennis Hopper, Arnold Jackson Dead, Thanks a lot Obama

"How in the world can you possibly think Obama killed these actors. So f'in stupid! and um, by the way- you dumbasses have a picture of Webster- Emanuel Lewis instead of Gary Coleman, ha, stupid."

Jermaine wins an unused ticket stub to Roy Haladay's perfect game against the Florida Marlins purchased through the Marlins website, which by the way might be the saddest idea of revuue stream for an MLB team.

and first prize winner this month was - Tallahassee, Florida's Steve B- Steve had this brilliant retort to our post : I knew there was another reason I could not root for the Magic Last Night


He wins Shepard Fairey Signed and numbered Mint Condition Print: These parties disgust me, as well as a broken Play Station two game controller.

We here at Short Attention What? got the go ahead from the winners to post their emails, but for future contests- we are giving word, by entering an email you give us the right to publish said email in a blog post (if you are so lucky enough to win)

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