Sunday, June 13, 2010

3 Ryan Adams posts in a row?

Ryan Adams Oh, my God, Whatever Etc

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What has gotten in to us? this is supposed to be a blog that jumps from topic to topic before the reader can taste, yet alone swallow and consume the initial material. But the news and or rumors and or nonsense and or MOST IMPORTANT TRUTH IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD keeps on flying in....

this came from a super stalk mode by the other Obssessed Ryan Adams Music nerd employed by SAW- Jessica. And what did I find, you might want to know? I spotted this quote from DRA himself in reference to the news of Cardinals III/IV on a RA message board:

who knows, maybe the boys and I will be able to put some new wiring in the signal this fall. you never know.

is he hinting at a return of the cards? a studio thing? a touring thing? a both thing? I WANT TO KNOW-thing!


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