Sunday, June 6, 2010

Every Single Ryan Adams performance on David Letterman that Short Attention What? knows of

we are aware that in order to get through this post it may take a different kind of brain power than you have become accustom to using whilst on thist site.. and we respect the short attention what of you- the faithful- but keep in mind, each song is different-and the dood does kinda change his fashion style up from performance to performance in some-um that could please madonna. so without further ado- we present- err, actually hold up, we would like to add just a lil bit more ado- notice how in some of these late night performances dood hangs on to Mr. Letterman's hand an uncomfortable amount of time? we're not talking 10's of seconds too long, but still just a tad too long, like perhaps 2 or 3 seconds too long? no more ado- now just the songs, in proper chronological order alphabetized.
New York, New York 10-4-01

Harder they come 11-04-02

Starting to hurt 12-10-02

So Alive 1-5-4

Let it ride- 5-5-5

Come pick me up 11-4-05

America: Ride on 1/15/07

Two- 6/22/07

I taught myself how to grow old -6/22/07

Everybody knows 11/1/07

How do you Keep love alive/ Pearls on a string 11/1/07

Fix it 10/29/08

Cobwebs 10/29/08

Ryan Adams recently released a heavy metal album on vinyl and digital download only called Orion. Are we gonna see him pimping this album on letterman in the coming months? doubt it.


  1. do you even know what you're talking about? first off, you misspelled Bryan Adams' name every single time you wrote it, and that's not even Bryan Adams singing in those videos. I was very much so looking forward to seeing the music video for the amazing soundtrack from Robin Hood. Which by the way was one of Costner's best performances ever- if not THE BEST! I loved that scene when the girl brushed the feather of the arrow across his ear just as he was about to shoot his bow and arrow and made him miss the target. That was such an amazing movie!

    Having said that, the rest of your blog is pretty decent. Keep it coming, but please pay attention to what you're typing. Or was that supposed to be some sort of joke? I haven't quite figured you out yet.

  2. Tippity Tappity, your joke wasn't funny when it was told by equally unimaginative people ten years ago.