Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ding Dong Big 12 is Dead........OR......We're not Playing in Kansas anymore.

Looks like the Big 12 is Dead with its South division (sans Baylor, plus Brahlarado) accepting the challenge of sending their girls softball teams on 2 week west coast trips ALA MLB teams. Of course there is more to it than girls softball, but not much. I suppose money might be one of those things that it might be more about.

Nebraska heads up to the Big 10, along with Mizzou maybe? and possibly others.

The SEC then might poach the ACC, then the ACC poaches the Big East?

then what? then, we have 4 super conferences, which might very well lead to ...wait for it, stop drooling pigskin freaks, I will say it, but just give me a minute to stretch, all right, ahhhh, now are you ready, the END GAME HERE VERY WELL MIGHT BE A FOR REAL COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF!!!! REJOICE, REJOICE ALL!

of course, that might be several years away, but yes, what i am saying is there's a chance.

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