Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An interesting theory thrown our way this weekend...

about the oil spill, it came from a friend of short attention what? who heard it from a friend's uncle....want it hear it? here it goes.....

Months back BP scientists confirmed a terrible, terrible discovery...the story goes- that the scientists studying the depths of the earths (yes the s was used at the end of earths when we heards the story- yes we just typed heards, instead of heard to go with the earths we typeds befores, anyway-) as they studied they discovered the earth was illing- it was spewing out an unnormal amount of warning signs- volcanoes -not that kind, the real kind, it was rambling up an ungawdly amount of earthquakes, hurricanes , all sorts of stuff and the BP scientist saw even worse things coming, but they also figured out a way how to release the tension--- their answer: RELEASE THE OIL. They approached Mr. Obama, he was probably like, "Holy Shit" and did what had to be done, to save everyone. Or so the story goes.

Now, I won't say it is impossible, because as Matt Groening once wrote in SAW's alltime favorite Life in Hell Comic: Nothing is impossible, not even a new born infant counting every grain of sand in the entire world, in a fraction of a second." So, if that is not imossible, then nothing is, but it sure is hell ain't likely.

We could not for the life of us find the comic referenced in this blog, but if you find it, and send us a picture file of it, we will love you forever and post it right here in this post,,but for now, you can just enjoy some other life in hell we found.

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