Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blitzen Trapper Atlanta 6-9-10 Variety Playhouse Review

I received a call from my contact over at Short Attention What? that they needed someone to get down to the Variety Playhouse to review a live performance by Beard-Rockers Blitzen Trapper. I decided to take lots of pictures and have them do the story telling as I feel it is easier on the eyes than actually reading a live music review.... So, words- we will do our best to keep you to a minimum- here it goes..

the band came out looking great, sounding great, but not smelling so good...i am not making this up, was very close and could smell em

but their sound was more unique than their smell.

Lyrically challenging..

Rock N Roll to the core, but distinctly Pacific Northwest-here's some more shots i took of the band last night

I make jokes with pictures, hahaha..but seriously these guys are their own thing, sure they have influences, then again- who doesn't- They are more outlaw than wilco, more modern than dylan...Potential is what they got. Both Albums are solid. No songs last night sucked. most of em, kinda ruled, but they smellled.

Here are some more pics from last nights show...

I think my photos turned out great and really tell the whole story. Anyway here is VIDEO from a show a few weeks ago. My still cam was Obviously working great last night, but no video-Anyway, dig it, dig them, go see em and smell em.

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