Saturday, June 12, 2010

Music Nerd Heather reports: Follow up to last nights exciting Ryan Adams news...

We were in full stalk mode after the news broke last night regarding the two releases from Ryan Adams Vault....while in Stalk Mode we came across a couple of new findings on a super secret ryan adams message board. The first was a post DRA himself posted about the line up on Cardinals III/IV

here is what he had to say:

III/IV line-up
DRA, Brad Pemberton, Catherine Popper ( her last with the bad and she sings on this one a good bit ) Neal Casal ( his first with the band )Jon Graboff ( although he is not on every track he is b.a.d.a.s.s. on this- I mean, space-rock pedal steel and out of this world playing, and Jamie C is also on this playing some kickass piano and some rhodes, B-3 hammond whatever on "Dear Candy"
It's a crazy listen. 4 sides of serious old-school post-rock, post-punk American RocknRoll kinda stuff.
It sounds more like what live Cards sounded like in my opinion.

He also made a post dropping clues as to what we might expect from the 11 song demo he just recorded, the man posted this about that:

Making the album of my life. This feels like the career statement. Massive acoustic tunes. Harp. Just bass, drums, acoustic, me and some piano. might get my pal to come in and just barely ease some steel on here.
also no overdubs or tons of backing vocals, just raw and real and me telling these stories. there is some NOLA vibe here but if i could say what the tunes are most reminding me of I would say the InnTown, WT vibe, the HRTBRKR SCarolina vibe and TOTALLY JCN vibe.
No overworked pretty just raw tunes. Not smoking has made me sing way better too. I can actually sing a bit more like I used to and I'm not gaspin for air.
It feels good to be back in the flow.

Back to Super Stealth Stalk Mode- till next time- Heather

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