Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Real Short Attention What? Interview

......and review. In honor of the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson's Death (June 25th) and National Popsicle Hour (June 20th 3 PM Eastern), we here at Short Attention What?, well specifically me here (Rashad) at SAW have put together a tribute to both.

We learned a lot about the fresh, delicious, new Atlanta business called King of Pops through our interview with one of the men behind the idea. We learned quite a bit less in the outtakes portion of said interview. Please view both.



What we ordered: Strawberry Lemonade

Why'd we order it: because almost everything else was sold out. And also because we like strawberry and lemonade, whats wrong with strawberry and lemonade? you got a problem with strawberry and lemonade? thought so!

How was it?: On a million degree day like today? shit hit the spot yo.

How many blocks of walking before fingers turn sticky? : Two

We can not stress enough how important it is that each and every one of you goes out there and get you some pops! We also want to thank Steven for his patience and his good sense of humor.

Visit King of Pops website at http://kingofpops.net/



  1. Ill take a bitch to cheesecake factory let her order a strawberry lemonade.. what?

  2. I can't wait to try king of pops! Thanks for the post. One question, why include the outtakes?

  3. i dont appreciate the sexual inuendo in the interview. thats a popcicle stand not insurrection.

  4. chan man, do you need to be put in your room for timeout?