Saturday, June 5, 2010

Banksy: Goin Goin Gone! 3 or Just another redicoulous Banksy Protrait

A lil headsup about the staff here at short attention what? 70 percent of us are female. and 70 percent of that 70 percent have a crush on Mr. B (thats 49 percent of the overall staff for you keeping score at home) Could it be that we love what he does? nah. Could it be that he is the most mysterious man in the art world? i think we have a winner!

Staying consistent with our run of Bankys goin goin gone. This next peice of street art was only present on the stage during the moments whilst it was made. A street artist being drawn by an unsuspecting "street artist", whilst being photographed by the "mysterious" street artist's even more mysterious friend? this we could get behind.

click on image for a larger image (we like to re-use words in the same sentence here at short attention what? like we did here in this here sentence with the word image. oh and i suppose we also did it with the word here, and i guess also the word also, and in, I, and, with)

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