Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A complete short story by in House Short Story person Juan Jin Yee

He wasn't home more than two-hundred seconds before a tap on the door startled Alvin Davidson. There was laughter that followed the tapping, and that bout made Alvin shit his pants. He knew who it was, it was the bullies from school. They followed him home. And of course they knew his momma wasn't home, she was still at school principaling it up. Knock Knock Knock, and more laughter. Haunting laughter. The same laughter he heard last time they beat him pretty bad.

Alvin snuck down and crawled to the front door, making sure it was locked. Watching all them army cartoons like GI Joe and Heathcliffe trained him in the ways of army dudes. And all of sudden he had the urge to finish things, once and for all with these dang bullies!

What he did next can only be summed up like this:

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  1. nahc nahc
    who's there?
    tall filing cabinet
    tall filing cabinet who?
    s'nam nahc