Saturday, July 10, 2010

Breaking Ryan Adams News........maybe

the man can be fickle----but this is what i read when cruisin his facebook this morn-

Ryan Adams p.s. for everyone that has been asking... I am thinking about doing some solo shows later this year, much later-Me+acoustic or possibly half like that & half w/ the insanely badassed new band I have assembled out here in Cali-I dunno yet tho-still findin my balance in every way post Meniere's. I am kind of itching to play though. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for asking/ keepin the faith : )

call it what you want...we here at short attention what music department call it unfuckinbelievable-perhaps. And for those that wonder, yes the word unfuckinbelievable-perhaps is indeed a word. A word in the short attention what dictionary yo (which we know is not funny and makes no sense- and thats why we said it yo- so shut up!)

short attention what longtime music department contributor

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