Monday, July 26, 2010

Jesus Coffee

Hey- Marnie here. Short Attention What? Agnostic Coffee Snob. Got going to work this morning at 7:30 in the A.M. As I was getting going out of my neighborhood of the beautiful Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta (go ahead and feel free to pronounce the At as HOT, cause god damnit- it is motha friggin swealtering!) As I approached the light at the corner of Virginia and Park I see a young man with a sign that reads "I love my Neighbors". So, mockingly of course, I blew him a kiss. Well that was a bad idea. Next thing I know I have a man and his kid running across the street to greet me. Turns out they are with a church and are giving away free coffee this morning. These people had no idea that I am agnostic, nor that I am a coffee snob. Aww hell, I took it anyway. Sipped the damn thing and typed this at the very next light.


It is now 8:02 in the A.M. and I have arrived at my workplace. I gotta admit, coffee ain't bad. And this is coming from someone who has kicked out multiple people of my house for entering with starbucks. Hell, once I did not even let my own mom enter the house due to her foldgers coffee carrying hand. And before I get any backlash for that one, keep in mind foldgers coffee's ugly scent can and will linger in one's obode for upwards of 70 minutes. So, yes I am indeed a coffee snob, but this church shit ain't that bad.


It is now 8:17 in the morning part of the day and suddenly the Jesus Coffee is telling me to get up out of my seat and rush to the bathroom. Coming out of the bathroom, I felt like a new woman. I felt lighter and clensed! I greeted the next person I saw with a "Have a blessed day." What the ? I have never said that before. Is this coffee converting me? Praise Jesus. What? Where did that come from? But it was true, the coffee was making me a believer.


It is now 8:45 and I am a bbbbbit ssssshhh shhhh shhhhakey. I thh th th think it is th th the je je je jesus coffee. Damn you jesus coffee! I don't like it. And, I am not sure you are who they say you are. I mean, sure I think there is something out there big, but just not sure what it is. And I am not too keen on that coffee of yours anymore either! Awww feeling like myself again.

SAW? in House- Agnostic Coffeee Snob.

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