Thursday, July 29, 2010

Woah..Antonio Gates R E S I G N S, but Bobby Johnson R E S I G N S

First, in shocking news out of San Diego....Tight End Antonio Gates has called it quits. The stories are being reported that Antionio Gates has R E S I G N E D , 5 years (played we guess), 36 million (earned we suppose). So, I guess 5 years of football and 36 million dollars has made him happy enough to retire. Good for him. Antonio you were a great player who walked away at the top of his game.

Second: We forgot to report that Head Vandy Football coach has inked a new deal. Reports we have come across say Vandy head coach Bobby Johnson has R E S I G N E D, eight years. Good to hear that we will have Johnson around coaching the in the SEC for another 8 years.

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