Saturday, July 10, 2010

Delta Spirit Atlanta Masquerade 7/9/2010 review-Be a little easy on the Cheesy

Was so hyped to see this band last night. They apperently have been making a name for themselves over the past couple years. I listened to their music for the first time earlier in the day. I like going in pretty fresh to see a new act.

Good energy on stage (but I hate when music reviewers say things like the exact thing I just stated- SO I TAKE THAT BACK). What i meant to say is -"They brought it" (shoot , thats even more music review cliche than the energy thing- So I Take that back) I will simply go with- "they performed with an intensity not seen in these parts before ( Now that is simply a lie. Yes they were intense, but so were the opening bands...I think i should simply state something like what I am about to state...) This band here called Delta Spirit performed with the appropriate amount of intensity. The music itself was very good. Rock and or Roll 'tude with a bit of that west coast dreaminess.

At times in the set, you could understand why they named themselves what they named themselves. Tunes felt southern. But that would last about as long as a squirrel to squirrel staring contest. Something on stage reminded me of Kurt Cobain for some reason. And then they actually teased a Nirvana song. The problem with the show was the way it spiraled out of control at that point. Next thing you know there were bits and parts of the most overplayed songs in the history of this durned country. "johnny B good" "shout" arggh...It turned into a wedding band with ole gimmicky "medleys"

Panning the crowd, I noticed the once jubilant crowd grooving less and adding expressions of "what the hell just happened"

So, Delta Spirit, I will go see you again, and I recommend others to do the same. But for future reference- Be a Little Easy on the Cheesy

till next time-
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