Monday, July 19, 2010

Right Field Memoirs 1

I'm bored reminds me of the most boring time of my life.

The Bee Silver Record Store Yankees were taking on my team, Chan's Taco Shop of Athens Westsides. It was 4th inning, the score was 7-6 Westsides...and to be completely honest, I did not give a shit. I played right field. So my half inning consisted of standing 30 yards from anyone. All the action, I MEAN EVERY SINGLE BIT OF ACTION in that 4th inning happened in the infield. The half inning lasted 26 minutes. The Yankees scored several runs. I didn't care I was just so damn bored. It sucked! I stood around, I looked at the sky. I looked at the ground. I closed my eyes, punched my glove and whistled all at the same time. I stood on one leg and took a practice swing with an imaginary bat. I thought about that movie Back to the Future and all it meant to me. I also pondered the show Alf. I did not like Alf. And I did not like right field.

Coming soon: The Right Field Memoirs 2

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