Saturday, July 31, 2010

Freakiest late night-T.V. show music performance (that we dig) of the month award goes to.....'s a tie.

With 47 points, we'd like to congratulate them boys from Athens, of Montreal. If you have never heard of them, what I am trying to say, is they live in Montreal, but they call themselves from Athens.. Just messing with your non-of Montreal-knowing mind. It's backwards of what i said. This is actually the bonus, for web only song, that came in with a slightly higher percentage of the votes than the one they performed on the big show. However this one prevailed, probably cause the song is really pretty kick ass!

and then theres this....

-Barnabie Hector

Director, Short Attention What? Music Department /Co-Chairman of the Board of North Wing Operations. As well as SAW? Music Dept. Lone Western Music Studies Historian, and I wouldn't want to forget the fact that my title also includes Short Attention What? Music Department Vice assistant/co-president day to day operations.

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